The Story

Hi Im Caryn, the Creatress behind Venus in Gemini....higher self mentor, glow getter, pink enthusiast, yoga + meditation teacher, intuitive, unicorn believer, lover of the mystical, bringer of sparkles, joy and bubbles, magic maker, miracle recipient, soul coach, your biggest cheerleader, nutritionist, mother to Magnus the ginger kitten, wearer of dresses, advocate for red lipstick, light worker, channel for positivity and love, wanna be roller skater, sometime hula hooper, nature obsessed, encourager of naps, creator.

I left the corporate world behind me 7 years ago to follow my Soul’s calling into natural health and wellness. My qualifications include -  Adv Dip in Nutritional Medicine, 350hr Yoga + Mindfulness + Meditation teacher, Tantra Practitioner Certification, Feminine Embodiment Coaching Certification, Channel for the Universe - Spreader of LOVE

Blending my background with nutrition and mindfulness Glow was created. The name Venus in Gemini is a play on my Venus placement in my astrology chart. Venus is in Gemini in the 10th House is about spreading love and beauty into the world as a means of work, hence Glow is my gift to positively uplift our planet.